District II Finance – Roland Paquette

Representing Department of Texas District II Finance Committee member, Mr. Paquette sits as the Chairman of this committee.  He is also employed as a Department Service Officer, assigned to the Fort Worth VA Outpatient Clinic.  In this position, Mr. Paquette assists veterans and their families with the confusing and at time complicated claims process.

Serving during the Vietnam and Gulf Wars, Mr. Paquette retired from the United States Air Force in 1993 after serving 20 years.  A life member of the Disabled American Veterans since 1993, he has served on numerous committees at all levels of the DAV as well as being a member of Dallas – Chapter 57 and currently active member of Blue Bonnet, Chapter 20 in Fort Worth as the Adjutant.

Mr. Paquette would like all veterans to know he is thankful for their service and is there to serve them.

Email: dfcdist2@davtexas.org

Phone: 817-730-0399

Roland Paquette, DAV Department Service Officer
Fort Worth VA OutPatient Clinic

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