Article – Senior Vice Commander – September, 2016

The membership year has begun with a goal of 68,000 members for the fiscal year 2016 – 2017, but, numbers are not the only goal we have in membership

We must, at all levels, set a goal to recruit more members that will be active and serve our veterans. 

Service to veterans and their families is what we were chartered for and it is still what we stand for. 

In January we will host a mid-year seminar in Corpus Christi.  For more information visit the Department of Texas website at .

The seminar will cover many aspects of membership including: 

Materials for chapters to orient new members.

  • New Member Orientation Webinar Presentation 
  • New Member Orientation Mentoring Guide 
  • New Member Orientation Guide 
  • New Member Orientation Webinar

Materials for chapters to recruit new members. 

  • Accessing and Utilizing The DAV Membership Application Online Webinar Presentation 
  • Accessing and Utilizing The DAV Membership Application Online Webinar

To download the new member orientation documents, visit and log in with your DAV membership number. 

I am asking that all chapters set a goal to at least increase their membership by 2 for every 100 members. We really should be able to ask each member to recruit at least one NEW member. Each chapter can go online and get names of veterans in their area. 

Young veterans and women veterans are areas we must actively recruit. We need to make it interesting to young veterans and their families. Have dinners, a night at the movies, go to ball games, take older veterans, disabled/handicapped veterans. If there are handicap or older veterans that need a ride to the meetings, take turns picking them up. The list of things and activities we can do is endless, but, we must do them. 

One other area we need to improve on is mentoring new members. We recruit members and never make contact with them. They come once and we never hear from them and we never invite them back.  

You can go online at the above internet address and get the Orientation and Mentoring guides and be ahead of everyone else at the Mid-Year conference where we will present this information. 

The DAV is more than just a monthly time to get out and socialize. It is and must remain a service organization of veterans keeping the promise to other veterans. 

I look forward to seeing you at the Mid-Year Seminar in January. 

Robert SquyresRobert Squyres,
Senior Vice Commmander

DAV Department of Texas