Article – 1st Jr Vice Cmdr – September, 2016

To my fellow DAV Members what a honor it is to serve you and to serve this great Department.  As you are reading this our National Convention is wrapping up and we will be preparing for our Mid Winter Conference next year. During our Department Convention, in June, I had the pleasure of spending time with many chapter commanders; and many questions were asked about membership. I wanted to share a program DAV National has established to ensure that our new members understand the DAV mission and who we are.

DAV National has established a Member Orientation Guide and a Mentoring Program. The guide was created to instruct you on the importance of new member orientation.  The importance of new member orientation cannot be emphasized enough. I can not imagine someone joining our ranks and not have any idea of our goals, programs, history or traditions. Do you think they would feel like they belonged? Would they be motivated and committed to help a chapter reach its goals? Well of course not. New members would likely be wondering why they joined DAV at all.

I am not sure how many of our chapters have a member orientation program, but all should. The information presented during orientation provides a foundation for new members and is vital for the new member. It helps them understand how a chapter functions, and what their role will be.  It also gives our new members the big picture of their chapter, department and the DAV National Organization.

When new members are properly informed, they are more likely to feel comfortable with the organization and become actively involved in Chapter activities right away. A properly oriented member is also one who is most likely to remain in DAV for years.

To download the new member orientation documents, visit and log in with your DAV membership number.

Robert Delgado
1st Junior Vice Commander
DAV Department of Texas