Article – DEC District II, Tom Archer

The heat of summer is over. It’s been an exciting and busy summer in District II. Chapters around the area have been busy getting the word out that DAV is there to assist with claims, assisting with helping Veterans in need. Helping to achieve the goal of making  disabled veterans lives better.

I’m appalled as to the number of veterans that endure life at levels that are below poverty levels and still do not know of benefits that they so rightly deserve. We must not waver, pressing on without stopping.

The holidays are fast approaching, bring with them an opportunity to meet veterans around the country, exchanging stories of how to cope with some issues that we all face. It is most important that we let the veterans that are coming home from war, that we are here to assist and help guide them through their transition to civilian life, not forgetting their personal problems. Hoping it improves our efforts to bring younger veterans into DAV. We must involve them into local chapters. Sometimes it requires older veterans to take special notice to teach these veterans how DAV operates, they want to learn and be involved.

Locally, in Paris, the Veterans Memorial continues to move forward toward completion. A memorial dedicated to veterans that gave their lives, that we may enjoy our freedom. If you get an opportunity to visit, a visit that you will not soon forget. At night the memorial takes on a most humbling place, bringing back our thoughts of military times and buddies that are now but a memory.


Tom Archer Pic

Tom Archer, DEC District II
DAV Department of Texas