Jan/Feb 2017 – DAV Department Chaplain’s Article

I would like to thank you for your service to the Military and to the Nation.

Psalms 96: 3, 7 and 10 (NASB) God’s Intention
3: Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples.
7: Ascribe to the Lord, O families of the peoples, Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.
10: Say among the nations, “The Lord reigns; Indeed, the world is firmly established, it will not be moved; He will judge the peoples with equity.”


Isaiah  49: 6 (NASB)
6: Splendor and majesty are before Him, Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.



As we bring in the New Year.  Please continue to Pray for our leaders and for our fellow Americans that are in harm’s way.  We shall not forget the ones that did not return, or their family members.  As Americans and I say that with a free heart, we have an obligation to support the families for our current Military members that are fulfilling their obligations to their Country as we did.

As the Lord is still on His throne, President’s have come and gone.  The Lord has not changed, as he was talking to the Israelites and he is talking to us, we should tell others of his wonderful deeds, how he is still on his throne.  We as Americans and fellow Veterans have an obligation to remember what he has done for us and through us, as we start 2017 we should continue to share that the Lord is still there and he will remain. We should be diligent and share his Love that he has shown us with others and continue to Love them. 

As a nation, we can continue to move forward.  That we continue to support our fellow Veterans and fellow Americans as we defended the rights of Americans and please Pray for our Fellow Americans and Veterans alike.

As our Motto is Fulling Our Promises to the Men and Women Who Served.

I look forward to the future through eyes of a servant and as fellow veteran. If you need to contact me by phone at (210) 380-8010; by mail at 8054 Coral Meadow, Converse, TX 78109, e-mail address, hicksje5@gmail.com.

You Texas DAV Chaplain John Hicks