Jan/Feb 2017 – DAV Department Membership Chairman’s Article

First, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and hope each of you and your family have the greatest New Year ever!

We have reached the half way mark of the membership year and are 1,894 members short of our goal of 60,864.  We must all look deep inside and determine if we want the DAV to continue to grow and remain a viable organization that will diligently work to help veterans and their families.

Our organization was founded to assist and help veterans. We cannot continue to do the work we have promised if we cannot continue to grow. The number of veterans has continued to grow and we must grow also.

With the number of veterans in Texas it hurts to realize we have less than 4% of our veteran population as members.  We must, each and everyone, actively, seek new members or we will fail to continue helping veterans as we should.

We all know a big part of the VA problems exist because they do not have the money, or the staff, to continue to fulfill what they have been charged to do. The DAV faces the same problem; however our problems can be helped with increasing membership.  Let us all make a promise to sign a new member.

I challenge each member to invite a veteran to attend a chapter meeting. Let them meet the members, explain to them what the DAV is and ask them to join.

I challenge each chapter to sign up at least 1 post 911 veteran as a new member.

I challenge each chapter to sign up at least one woman veteran.

I hope each chapter will assign a mentor to each new member for at least one year. Have the mentor remind the new member of upcoming events, have them encourage each new member to get involved, to serve in committees, ask them for ways to get younger veterans and families to get involved.

Membership is not just something to talk about, it is what each and every member needs to participate in.

If anyone can think of things to get new members, to get awareness for the DAV, to continue to make the DAV a premier Veterans Service Organization, drop me a line, send me a txt, or email.


Robert Squyres, Membership Chairman/ Sr. Vice Commander

DAV Department of Texas