Chapter 234 Adds Ramp to DAV Office


Disabled American Veterans Chapter # 234 in Stephenville, Texas has made an addition to their office setting that will aid many Veterans. The office is located at 408 East Road in Stephenville. East Road is also known as Highway 281. This non-profit DAV chapter is a community partner with Erath County United Way for 2019. One of the things that has been a problem about the office location is access for walkers and wheelchairs from the highway into the front of the building. There has been an asphalt walkway that was somewhat lumpy and unleveled for walking on and very difficult to get walkers or wheelchairs up for office access. When profoundly challenged Vets needed to discuss their benefit claims or seek other help, they have not been able to get into the front door easily. Volunteers have gone to their vehicles to talk with them but this does not allow access to the computers and phones needed to help complete VA forms efficiently. If the person is brought through the backdoor of the building, it is across an unleveled grassy area and not easily accessed without several helpers. The solution for access has been added. An upgraded concrete ramp with landing area has been constructed at the front of the building that comes directly off East Road and allows easy access to all. Attached are pictures of the refurbished ramp being built, the Commander Bill Maness welcoming visitors into the front door and Adjutant Edward King, Sr. smiling broadly at the new ramp. Ed was especially happy to see the updated structure as it helps lend him a stable surface as he places the flag in the holder to show there is a service officer in residence. The Chapter membership is proud to complete this safety repair to an existing facility to aid all Vets in getting into our office for the help they deserve. Chapter #234 welcomes all veterans seeking help to come into the office and discuss their needs.