Mar/Apr 2017 – DAV DEC District II Article

Winter is almost over and the time has been a beneficial time to plan the events necessary to fund the support of local needs of veterans. Needs continue to grow and so we must be ready to assist them. Veterans continue to need our assistance with their claims, as we were once assisted.  Continuing to assist is our utmost effort. Not only claims but assistance issues present themselves more and more often. Veterans needing transportation to medical appointments is a common need and we must step up to assist. Needs sometimes come to our attention more frequently each year. Being prepared to assist must be our goal at all times. Being prepared is a much easier job if we direct our efforts to recruiting new members. New members bring with them exciting new ideas which help to keep us abreast of the ever changing times. Let us never forget the sound beginning that the DAV is founded on, but always exploring ways to assist the veterans that are now coming home. These veterans are the future of DAV.

Tom Archer, DEC District II
Disabled American Veterans – Department of Texas