Mar/Apr 2017 – DAVA Sr. Vice Commander’s Article

Recruiting others into the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary (DAVA) should always be on our minds.  We should always be looking to give others the opportunity to share in the blessings we receive as we help our disabled veterans.  And yet, our membership numbers in the DAVA in Texas are lacking.  And, as we all know, we Texans really don’t like to hear that we are lacking in any way, shape or form.  According to the latest reports on the DAVA National website, our membership population is 5,889; with our membership quota being 5,963.  This puts us at a shortage of 74.  That’s right, we only need 74 new paid members to make our state quota, and 74 is not such a large number for the Great State of Texas.  So, just what can we do about this?  RECRUIT, of course.  We already have 16 units who have met quota or exceeded their quota.  The rest of us need to follow suit.  Many units lack less than 5 new paid members to meet quota.  Let’s make this a challenge?  As we roll into March, we’re coming to the end of the DAVA National 3rd quarter sprint.  Let’s make our quota by the end of this sprint.  This sprint will end March 31, 2017.   And, then, we will still have the last quarter of our sprint, to add even more members to help us take care of our disabled veterans.  As an incentive and reminder, for every new paid member you recruit, you will be entered to win $100 cash from National, and if you recruit a total of 10 new paid members between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017,  you will receive a certificate of appreciation.  But, if you “sprint” a little harder and recruit 25 members you will receive a $30 gift card to use at the DAV Store.  And the person who recruits the most new paid members from July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 will be awarded the “Recruiter Of The Year” award, and will win $200 cash.  And, better yet.  The more active members we have, the better we can serve our veterans. 


Charlene Parker, Sr. Vice Commander
Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary – State Department of Texas