MEMO: DAV March Membership Madness

In an effort to reignite the flame of grassroots recruiting among our members, and to promote the distribution and utilization of DAV’s online membership application, please join me in celebrating DAV MARCH MEMBERSHIP MADNESS!  This tournament will run from March 9th thru March 29th, and will organize our Departments in a bracket-style format to both encourage camaraderie and friendly competition.  The onus is on individual Departments to coordinate and inspire members of their Chapters to assist with this effort.

Departments will advance each Monday and Thursday based upon the highest percentage increase of new members recruited using the online membership application versus their goals established at the beginning of the membership year.  Should a Department be eliminated from the actual tournament, it can still be recognized as Department MVP if it recruits the highest total percentage of new members using the online membership application versus its goal during this time frame.  Also, in addition to stylish trophies, the tournament Department Champion and Department MVP will each receive a $250.00 Office Depot gift card.  Further, the top two individual recruiters, who recruit a minimum of 25 new members using the online membership application, will each receive engraved iPads.

Only those new members, both part-life and full-life, recruited via DAV’s online membership application will be counted toward this effort.  To download the application to your phone or pad, open the internet browser of your mobile device and type in then follow the instructions provided.  For Droid devices, it is recommended that you use Chrome for this purpose.

For further information on the installing online membership application, please click on the following link:"

Additional information about the importance of leveraging technology in our recruiting efforts can be found in the November/December 2016 issue of DAV Magazine using the following link:

Lastly, upon examining the enclosed bracket you will notice that some Departments were given a first round bye in order to facilitate proper seeding of the tournament.  These Departments were chosen based on their overall recruitment success from last year.  Future tournament seeding will be based upon success in previous March Membership Madness efforts.  An up-to-date copy of the bracket will be available for your review in the Members Only section of so that you can follow along with the tournament’s progress.

Please remember, the size of a Department does not matter in this tournament, nor does the breadth of resources a Department may have.  What matters is individual members locating and convincing an eligible fellow veteran to join our great organization.  Let my staff or I know if you have any questions or concerns.  And good luck!


National Membership Director