Article by DAVA State Sr. Vice Cmdr., Charlene Parker

Membership – Just what does that mean to most individuals? Webster defines membership as the state of belonging to or being a part of a group or an organization. But, we as members of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, are not just a part.  We are a whole. Each and every one of us, united as one. We are one entity with one purpose in mind – to serve our veterans as best we can. Generally, when membership is discussed, numbers immediately come to mind. But, when I think of membership, I think of activity.  We all should desire to grow our units; and recruiting members is how we grow.  But, if we only grow in numbers and not in activity, we’ve accomplished nothing.  Passive membership is not growth. Growth requires nourishment or food.  I would like to challenge all of us to not only recruit members, but to feed our new members, guiding them and encouraging them, accepting new ideas as they come, and always putting our veterans first and foremost.

I would also like to encourage all members to get involved in the National “Membership Sprint Series”.  It is split into three separate drives: October-December, January-March and April-June.  At the end of each sprint, every member who has signed up a new paid member will have their name put in a drawing to receive $100. For morCharlene Parker Profile Pic 01e information from our national membership chairman, Ellen Timmerman, please read the DAV Auxiliary Headquarters News which can be viewed online at

Charlene Parker, Senior Vice Commander
DAV Auxiliary State Department of Texas