Anita Lee, DAVA State Dept. Commander

Article – DAVA Commander, Anita Lee

What an exciting time we live in.  I have just completed another VA Hospital visitation both in Kerrville and San Antonio.  I am truly amazed how far our Veteran’s Health Care has come in just a few years.  Between the tramatic brain injuries (TBI), mental health issues (PTSD) of today and the transition facilities that I have visited in just this short time I have been your Department Commander for this great state of Texas, I am humbled beyond belief.  Our Veterans are receiving first rate care along with being able to adjust to living in the civilian world again after returning home from the war torn areas of the world.  It is so uplifting to see in action the work that our VA Hospitals do.  It is a blessing to know that our service members receive such customized treatment for their disabilities and injuries received while keeping our country free. It is the most heart warming feeling to see how our doctors reach out to help reconstruct lives and bring independence and quality of life to our returning soldiers. 

As we enter the coming holiday season, lets take time out of our busy lives to reach out to these soldiers and their families. Visit the nearest VA Hospital or nursing home in your area.  Sometimes it only takes a smile and a “Thank you for your service” to bring new life and hope to a needy one facing a long recovery. 

Fall Conference is over and it is time to start looking forward to the Annual State School of Instruction January 13-15, 2017.  It is not to soon to make your reservations at the Omni Corpus Christi Hotel.  By now, you should have already received the letter from Adjutant/Treasurer, Darlene Spence with all the hotel reservation information. This is the opportunity to learn the workings of the Auxiliary.  There will be many many past, present and future officers all in one location to ask questions to and find out what it is that you don’t understand about how to make your meetings go more expedient and smoother.  This is the best opportunity to get the most up to date information. Bring your auxiliary members and meet new friends.  Now is the opportunity to meet and visit with the new best friends.

Be sure to fill out the registration sheet and get it mailed by January2, 2017 in order that we may have your personal  identification cards ready for you.  Also send in your Luncheon reservation and payment by January 14.We look forward to seeing everyone of you there. 

We are “LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FUTURE THRU WINDOWS OF THE PAST”. We need to look at our Veteran’s today to be able to see how we can improve service to them in the future.



Anita Lee
Anita Lee, Commander
DAVA State Department of Texas