Honor Flight #17 of Southern Colorado

Korean War Veterans, Bill Dalton and Lou Schwarzman will have an incredible opportunity to take part in Honor Flight #17 of Southern Colorado. The two War Veterans will travel to Washington, DC to see the war memorials they fought for but have never gotten to see. 

There will be 58 Veterans on this flight from Korea and Vietnam.  Lou and Bill are two of only 4 from the Korean War.  As part of this incredible experience, they will receive a “Mail Call” on the flight back where they will be given large envelopes containing mail from friends, family and strangers thanking them for their service. 

We are reaching out to anyone who would like to write a letter of appreciation to each of them for their service.  The letters NEED TO BE RECEIVED by Sept 21 as the trip leaves on Sept 28 and returns on Sept 30.


The address to send letters to is:


Honor Flight of Southern Colorado

Atten: Bill Dalton or Lou Schwarzman

PO Box 62040

Colorado Springs, CA 80920