News from National regarding Covid-19 and funding

For more information on the specifics of the CARES Act, please read the press statements issued from House and Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee leadership in the following links:

• SVAC Chairman Moran Press Release
• SVAC Ranking Member Tester Press Release
• HVAC Chairman Takano Press Release
• HVAC Ranking Member Roe Press Release

On April 2, we issued an Action Alert through DAV CAN, referencing a joint letter sent to the Secretaries of Treasury and VA and advising you of the issue concerning Recovery Rebate checks specifically affecting veterans and survivors who have no income other than VA disability compensation or a related benefit and are not required to file income taxes. We thank you for your resounding response of almost 10,000 emails sent to Congress. As of this date, we are informed, the Department of Treasury and VA are currently working together to resolve this issue. We will continue to update you on this vital concern as we receive additional information.